Next generation education and micro credentialing, designed for lifelong learning journeys.

Empowering students to own their data on their lifelong learning journeys, while helping schools adapt to new ways of learning and micro credentialing.

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A digital credentialing platform, designed for schools.

Flexible solutions designed to seamlessly work within the realities of educational institutions as they evolve and transform how they do credentialing to better prepare students for the job market with a rich portfolio of their skills and achievements. Incorporating credentialing into current and evolving curriculum creates new opportunities for recognition of granular skills and achievements, painting a richer picture of student accomplishments that can include work-integrated learning, and helps them build progress towards career pathways and stay engaged in the learning process. This helps students better differentiate themselves, marketing and promoting their capabilities in ways that align with what employers are looking for.
Flexible credential definitions.

Allowing rich meta-data, learning frameworks, and outcomes data to be attached to the credentials to provide context around how they were earned

LMS Integrations

With leading learning platforms, allowing seamless integration of credential issuance into your existing workflows

Digital Identity Wallets

User-owned portfolios of acclamations, credentials, and skills that are owned and controlled by students. We support leading and interoperable data standards, allowing information to freely move into and out of our services by student choice. Data can easily be presented and shared across channels like social media, email, weblinks, and phone-to-phone to allow anyone to validate credential authenticity.

Visual Customizations

Flexible credential certificate designs and branding options, creating visually distinct credentials and certificates that can be presented, printed, and shared in various ways.

Learning Pathways

Create flexible learning pathways that help students visualize their path to greater achievements, and compound credentials that can demonstrate mastery.

A Seamless Experience for Students.

Students can receive and use their credentials instantly, optionally opting into using our cloud wallets to manage their credentials, or picking them up with wallets of their choosing. No personal data is collected or tracked about our students.
Easy to get started. No app downloads or registrations needed.
Direct access and ownership of their credential data. Students can choose where and how they store it.
Students can import digital badges (e.g. OpenBadges) into their wallets, storing them alongside their high assurance digital credentials

We’re Building Global Education Consortiums.

Global Student Voice

Our Global Student Voice community lets students learn from leading thinkers and policy makers via bi-monthly events, and their feedback provides a direct voice influencing policy decisions by governments, the education sector, and industry.

Global Consortium 500

Global Consortium 500 is an education consortium bringing together 500 of the world’s leading academic institutions and industry employers in order to shape the future of education.

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