The Future of Credentialing is User Owned.

Trybe.ID ("Tribe Identity") is a digital identity and credentialing platform that is creating the future of online identity. We are on a path to create a world where users own and control their own data, and their privacy is protected.

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Trusted Technology, Deployed Globally.

Our solutions are being deployed across a broad range of use cases, from small institutions to governments.



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Why we’re different. 

Secure. Easy.

We aim to make digital identity secure and easy. Flexible, user-centric solutions for credentials based identity systems.

User-owned identity

Leveraging the latest in decentralized identity technologies, our solutions put the user in control of their data and their credentials, empowering them to share their credentials as and where needed.

Privacy by design

Privacy by Design posits that regulatory compliance is not enough to ensure privacy today, even less so tomorrow. Instead, it requires that organizations establish privacy as standard across its all its technologies, practices and processes involving personal information.

Universal standards + Interoperability

We comply with leading universal and open standards, such as W3C Verifiable Credentials, to create high integrity secure solutions that can integrate easily and cross global boundaries.

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Partners and Community

We work with world-class partners from all over the world.

Our Clients

We work globally with educators, government bodies, humanitarian agencies, and corporations.

Your trusted Digital Transformation partner

Trybe.ID is the digital identity arm of, a Canadian digital transformation company. Partnering with clients and leveraging today's leading technologies along with deep industry-specific expertise, enables innovation to take place so that organizations can become digital leaders. Operating globally, with active projects worldwide, our team also works closely with government bodies, humanitarian agencies, and corporations.

Possessing extensive consultancy experience, advises, develops, and implements technology solutions on a global scale; to include complex regions globally such as India, Mongolia, Ecuador, Peru, Afghanistan. Many of these solutions get powered by blockchain technology and get centered on environmental impact and sustainability initiatives.